Education – Certification (Afo Classes)

Aquatic Facility Operator (Afo) Certification Course

Our citizens depend on aquatic facilities to improve quality of life, promote community, encourage wellness and to simply enjoy recreational or competitive swimming. A national certification is a mark of distinction and signifies to the public that you are a serious professional in the field of aquatics and committed to providing the community and your clients with the highest level of service and professional excellence.



The Aquatic Facility Operator program is designed for pool operators and management staff of aquatic facilities. Certification can be achieved by passing the AFO certification examination. The exam is open book, fifty questions and a passing score is seventy-eight percent (78%) or better…you can do that right?!

The AFO certification will provide you with the skills necessary to make your facility safe and efficient. This certification course is a training program specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in public, semi-public, municipal pools or waterpark facilities.

This two-day course is very interactive offering unlimited opportunities for questions and answers, better operational ideas for your facility and networking opportunities with other industry professionals. The course outline follows a PowerPoint presentation packed full of information, pictures and even some funny videos to keep things exciting. The AFO certification is scheduled for two days and the beginning of the second day will be a review of the first day and we’ll also look over your homework. WHAT! We have homework? Relax…It’s only a few questions and it’s super simple! During your two days in class we’ll take plenty of breaks and you can excuse yourself anytime to make phone calls etc. I understand that your work doesn’t stop just because you’re scheduled for a class so if you need to make a phone call, feel free. The AFO provides in-depth instruction on many facets of aquatic facility operation and management, including, but not limited to:

• Systems approach to a swimming pool
• What is an AFO
• Evolution of a swimming pool
• Qualities of a healthy pool
• Health department considerations
• Circulation, capacities and basic considerations
• Gutters, skimmers and main drains
• Pumps and pumping
• Filters and filteration
• Flow meters and other mechanical devices
• Heaters and heating pools
• Water chemistry and types of chemicals
• Pool water testing
• Pool water balance
• UV sanitation
• Automation and chemical controls
• Spas and hot tubs
• Problems and solutions
• Design considerations
• Innovation and new, cutting edge trends and technology
• Programming and budgeting
• And much more!

The AFO certification course features the most complete and comprehensive training available on pool operations. Upon successful completion of the AFO course and the 50 question exam, participants will be certified by the National Recreation and Park Association. All certified individuals receive a certificate suitable for framing and will be added to the registry in the National AFO Certification Database. Certification is valid for five years and is renewable. Don’t wait any longer, dive in and get your AFO certification today!