Service Calls

Just like when your home A/C unit fails you call a professional. We’ll we’re the same..except for your pool! Water leaking in your mechanical room/pump room? Chemical levels out of balance? Are you having pump issues? Is your pool water green/dull/cloudy? Pool loosing water? What ever the issue, Janco360 is here to help. We provide comprehensive solutions to your aquatic problems offering service calls through out the Southeast with quick timely repairs to get your facility back up and running without loosing revenue.

Onsite Technical Consulting

Many commercial aquatic facilities continue to operate as they have for many years. Often they don’t know why they do certain protocols other than “that’s what we’ve done for years”. More often then not “what we’ve done for years” is not the correct (or safe) why to operate. 

Are you curious why that valve is always open? What’s the purpose of the surge tank and where is it located? Just what should my flow meter read? Do you have questions like this about your facility? If so, we can help. If your aim is to operate an improved, safer facility our onsite consulting services can help. We offer technical consulting expertise to improve aquatic and simplify operations. We understand your need for maximum efficiency and reliability at the best value possible. Regardless of your facility, we have a solution for you. Onsite consulting services can by customized to fit any pool or facility. Some of the items we’ll evaluate include, but are not limited to:

•  Turnover rate
•  Flow meters
•  Filteration
•  Chemistry
•  Chemicals used
•  Chemical storage
•  Chemical levels
•  Chemical feeders
•  Chemical controls
•  Pumps
•  Piping
•  Valves
•  Pool heaters
•  UV sanitation
•  Autofill systems
•  Skimmers, gutters and main drains
•  and more